WordPress has been around for quite a while already and it seems like its popularity isn’t going down anytime soon. This is mostly due to WooCommerce usage, however, even without this plugin, WordPress would still serve a purpose. It has great extensibility thus the popularity among open-source community. There are more than a million of user-made plugins available to be downloaded and used on your website. We leverage most of them and even make some on our own!

Site creation from scratch

Website Development Setup

If WordPress is your technology, but you don’t have a site and need one made from scratch, we’re the right fit. 

We start the process with 3 environments. Dev, staging and production. Production is what your customers see, staging is for you to check and confirm things are good to go before deployment to production, and dev is our playground!

We usually just start with WordPress and then pick up plugins and create custom code based on client needs. This assures servers up to speed, fully optimized and does not contain bunch of unnecessary code. 

Migrating to WordPress

We’re also expert at migrating an already existing website that you own to a WordPress platform. 

Scope and size of this project is and migration itself is always hard to determine at first. That’s why an introduction call where you specify the technologies and your assets that you want to migrate from is quite important and beneficial in determine the project scope.

Some of the migrations we did involve:
Magento to WordPress
BigCommerce to WordPress
Shopify to WordPress
Joomla to WordPress

Wordpress Website Example

Plugin Development

Wordpress Plugins List

One of the greatest benefits of choosing WordPress is having an option to just download and activate a plugin, instead of having to pay money for a developer to do so. This is of course great timesaver, however it’s a step that has to be carefully thought about.

WordPress openness and having the ability to just pick up a random plugin can be quite compromising and a security flaw for your start. That’s where we come in to make sure that whatever gets installed on your site is safe and sound. You can never be too careful due to amount of hacking attacks nowadays and hackers tend to target wordpress sites frequently.

Speed Optimization and Google PageSpeed Scores

Nowadays we get quite a few requests regarding WordPress site optimization and getting Google’s PageSpeed scores up to a proficient level.

This amount of recent request made us realise that we need to be on expertise level in the field to make sure that the site that we’ve worked on our well beyond anyone else. 

To accomplish so, we do dozens of different layers of improvements. Some of them are marginal but also necessary and all of them mixed together makes a perfect combination – a well ranked site on Google.

Person Browsing Website